Information for Managers and HR Professionals


Neuro-diverse conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and adult AD(H)D are included in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and 2005, as well as the Equalities Act 2010. This is in part due to their impact on a person’s memory. At work, this can affect people in the following ways:

  • A reduced capacity to remember appointments and arriving unprepared
  • Turning up late to meetings
  • Poor planning and organisational skills 
  • Potential issues in literacy/numeracy although these may not always be present, particularly when working with adults

An employee who suffers from ‘hidden disability’ may also suffer a lack of confidence or self-belief and may come across as disorganised, chaotic and unmotivated. They may or may not have already received a diagnosis and they may be unaware of how neuro-diversity is affecting their daily life. Such issues can lead to strained relationships with managers and colleagues.

However it’s not all bad news. Neuro-diverse people tend to work very hard and show a great deal of tenacity and commitment in the workplace. For this reason, they tend to make excellent employees.  People with dyslexia often have above average verbal and reasoning skills.  

Once strategies have been implemented, our clients and their line managers report an average 53% improvement in productivity!

Managers and HR professionals need to be aware of these issues as the legislation requires employers to make reasonable adjustments.  This has implications for performance management and employee welfare.

What you can do:

  • 1Our Chartered Occupational Psychologists offer a 1 day staff training course “Managing Dyslexia at Work” offering practical advice and strategies for just £195 per person.

    We can provide an in house course for £1500 (up to 18 participants).
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  • 2Support your colleagues by recommending assessments and diagnostics. 

    You can contact us or find a psychologist through the British Psychological Society. Only a Chartered Psychologist is able to make a legal diagnosis.  This is a very in depth process and recommended when there is a high risk to employment.
  • 3Genius Within services are designed to support people at work without the need for expensive assessments, where difficulties are performance related and day to day.  It is our hope that by giving people access to personalised advice quickly and efficiently, we can avoid the problems that emerge when difficulties go unsupported. Elearning can be combined with coaching and assistive technology to provide a comprehensive package of adjustments.